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Welcome to Insite Publishing. We publish Village News Magazine. Now in our 16th year. This is a “Target Rich Environment.” The criteria for our publication’s delivery are homes with a value of $450k up to and above $8m and located in and around golf course communities. Our current foot print includes West Neck & Indian River Plantation which surround the Arnold Palmer Signature Golf Course in Virginia Beach, Heron Ridge Golf Course, homes in Pungo, Hell’s Point Golf Course, LagoMar Estates, Sandbridge Estates and surrounding areas that meet the value criteria. These are better educated, more affluent readers with more disposable income than any other demographic in Virginia Beach. As a matter of fact, the income level is more than double that of the highest income areas of our area.VN August 2019 COVERT small  for Insite


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Village News is also distributed to the offices of the Courthouse of Virginia Beach, including City Council and of course our Mayor.

Over 58% of our readers are Senior Management. We reach these people in their most relaxed and influential times… their beautiful golf course homes.

Find-us-onlineIf you’re looking for an advertising venue, one that will maximize the reach to your specific demographic, then Village News Magazine is perfect for you and your business. Please contact us at 301-9617 for more information. We welcome your input and your questions about our publication

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